Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Get hired by sponsors directly.

Pro bloggers all heaved a sigh of welcome relief when PPP introduced the 'Direct Offer' facility for us. This selfless act paved for better earning as it did not involve middle man fee that eat away some of our earnings.

But I liked those so called middle men without whom, I won't be earning this much by blogging. I am a strong supporter of internet marketing companies who created a great market place for bloggers and advertisers.

My all time favorite is Blogitive. I am immensely pleased with their kind support to me. Yes, I am grateful to them and to,,, Blog to Profit and of course PPP-the giant.

But there may be some pro bloggers who would like to get paid directly. WordPress Bankroll is just the plugin for you. The famous bloggers like DoshDosh and John Chow have written excellent reviews about this useful plugin.

Here is what WP Bankroll says about their plugin:
"WP Bankroll is a wordpress plugin that will transform your current or new blog into a paid or free blogging site. You can use this to get free content from your readers, use to write paid reviews on websites, or just generally sell blog posts written by you or the sponsor.

Go ahead and pay a visit to them.
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