Friday, January 18, 2008

Alert to Women bloggers.

In this predominantly male dominated world, there are still a few special privileges for women.
If you are a woman and run a blog and maintain it and if you want a surge of traffic to it, then sign up for free with the women blogger web ring below.

There is a condition; you must be an Indian but can live anywhere in the world.

The entire process of joining and validating is bit elaborate and the time they take to review your blog is also long. My blog which has been validated on 2ND Jan 2008 is yet to be verified. I don't know what is meant by it but I think only after the verification, the blog will be listed with other blogs by women.(directory)

I quote them:
"The WomenBloggers webring is now on an automated system to make it possible to more easily maintain a ring with hundreds of sites in it. The previous ring was known to have up to 1100+ sites in it at any given time (when it stopped accepting new members, it had 1000+ sites in it; at the time the WomenBloggers ring was founded, the previous ring had 700+ active sites). "

Are you up to it?

There is another incentive for us. We can earn small money to refer people to this web ring.

Join now.
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