Friday, January 18, 2008

Exterior lighting at its best.

The party was arranged in the community hall near by our house and there was widespread disapproval of the venue because the building is in a bad shape and lacked appeal. But there is a big lawn and that only made me to decide in its favor.

I had other ideas that will make even the old community hall look like a cinema set. I hired several path lights and deck lights that is sure to illuminate the whole place but in a dreamy way.

The inspiration for this idea came from an article on exterior lighting that I read at In fact, now I feel I can become a lighting specialist and offer my skill to a cinema art director.

I have plenty of bright ideas and if you need my services, I am available. But then you may not hire me because once you visit the link above, of which I am sure, will immediately transform you in to creative genius.

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