Saturday, January 05, 2008

Do a review and get paid.

One more wagon in the traffic. Buy Blog Reviews is a paid to blog opportunity.

This is a very new program that is not yet flooded with sponsors; so don't anticipate anything big.
As usual, after verifying your email on registration, you are allowed to add your blogs that will get approved in 48 hours.

There is a change in the offer that is not seen in other programs of the same nature. You are allowed to bid for an offer that is relevant to your blog's category.

The task completion time is 7 days; that will suit me.biggrin

Payment is every 15 days and through Paypal only. I think there won't be any objection to this payment mode as Paypal is now friendly with Philipines too.

The company address:
Buy Blog Reviews
904, Holiday Avenue
Hazelwood, MO
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