Friday, January 04, 2008

191 blogging communities to join.

This is definitely a day of accidents. Since morning, I have been landing on several sites accidentally and all of them are very useful to us and all of them are new too.

Here is the first (casualty)find:

" is bloggers society site. It is made by bloggers for bloggers and main reason why it was created is to promote interesting blogs and bloggers themselves. If You want to promote Your blog and meet with society, it is right place to be."

It works like this:
We the member bloggers are allowed to create our own community (they call it society) and we also can browse the communities created by other, join and contribute.

For example, I found these three societies:
Million Dollar Dreams
My first million dollars

But I am afraid there is nothing in these. It seems, every member who registers there, create a society to show cause their blog.

The blogmaster says, "now members have great opportunity to earn shares in our society earnings and in future cash out real money."- I think it won't be much.

Join now, become member of our society!

As of now, there are 191 different societies totally.

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