Friday, January 11, 2008

Get your blog ranked by IZEA.

My first feeling when I read about the Blog Ranks by IZEA was appreciation and gratitude. Why should they bother to develop a complex script to get our blogs ranked by them completely free of charge?

Hereafter, we need not bank only on Google page rank to let our sponsors know that we do after all have some rank and this ranking system is exclusively for blogs.

Good, very good!

What you need to do?
Go to
Sign up for free.
Wait for their confirmation email and follow their crystal clear instructions to add your blogs in their database, get the claim code, insert the code just before "" in blog template and there, you have completed the procedure.

ROI rank:
Another wonderful news from is their ROI ranking system that is to be launched later. Return on investment (ROI) rank will give an indication to our sponsors what will be their return on investment if they use our blog to advertise their URL.

Thank you Mashable for letting me know.
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