Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Are you residing in Blog Village.

I just visited Blog Village. I confess I don't understand what is it about. I believe we can submit our blog with them to get visitors.

To me, the site navigation is very confusing and the layout is not easy to understand. May be, I am getting old. mrgreen

I generally visit several blogs in a blog directory before I decide to submit my blog. I could not find anything of my interest in blog village. Is it a blog directory?

Again, I tried to look for blogs of my interest but I just could not do so; how are they categorized? I did a search by keying in a few words and I noticed this error message only and that too, it is not clearly visible.
"Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /usr/home/main/domains/ on line 31"

I don't know what this error message convey. I closed the window. I a sorry.
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