Thursday, February 14, 2008

Click and point web site building tool.

I feel the presence of God near me most of the times but sometimes I feel that God is not kind to me. Now, I could hear your murmur of concurrence-right?

Let me explain. I have always wanted to design my own website without an expert’s help. I have so many ideas for my own dream website and I could not fully convey them all to a professional web designer.

At last God has presented me an opportunity to create my own dream web site and that too on a free domain of my own choice. Wouldn’t it be a great experience? provides me this life time opportunity. I am excited at the prospect of building my website and I can choose a template of my choice from 25,000 templates!

Probably you want to know what the features of their web site building tool offers are! Well, I could go on and on about the features but I will just list out only a few here.

*Click and point web building.

*E-Mail solution


*Web hosting

Additional services offered are domain registration and web marketing.

This is heartening news for many non-technical persons like me. I feel God should have directed me to much earlier. Still, I thank you God.

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