Friday, February 15, 2008

Get paid to write blog posts.

Doing a routine round up in Digg, Listible and a few other social news sites is the most rewarding experience for me every day. I click mostly on news and ideas on blog marketing as that is my chosen field.

With a bit of humility, I can say with pride that I am turning out to be an effective internet marketer and my services are in demand.

Oh, sorry, I am deviating as usual.

After the daily routine, I visited one of my friend’s blog on book reviews and suddenly my eyes caught the word freelance writer and further down, I saw the URL of Snap Bomb.

Snap Bomb is a San Francisco based internet marketing company and they have launched their marketplace for advertisers and bloggers. Bloggers who would like get paid for their blog posts are free to sign up with Snap Bomb.

I signed up and I noticed one unique feature that I have not seen elsewhere so far. As soon as I list my blog, their system measures my blog’s worth in terms of US$ based on various parameters. The resulting amount is what I will be paid for my blog post. I was really pleased that this blog got a fairly good rating.

Then, I browsed through various blogging assignments and each one was from a different sponsor. Snap Bomb advises bloggers to choose the opportunity that is in line with our blog’s main theme. It is quite understandable.

I have been writing sponsored posts for nearly 24 months and I know that creating a buzz though blogs is the most preferred internet marketing strategy among corporate houses.

Visit the marketplace created by Snap Bomb now to find out more.

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