Sunday, February 17, 2008

Exciting range of cabinet hardware.

“I may live in style but you can’t expect me to know everything”, I told my a/c mechanic after he completed the new a/c installation.

All I asked him was if he knows about any modern device that closes the door automatically. I didn’t want the traditional door closer; it looks very ugly to me.

My a/c mechanic was surprised at my question since he thought I know everything. That is his assumption and I was not going to help him sustain that.

He told me that automatic door closer falls under the category of cabinet hardware and he told me he will find out from his carpenter friend.

Well, I got what I wanted and looked up in the Internet for “cabinet hardware”. I landed first on Unfortunately, they are not dealing with door closer but I found a fantastic range of door knobs.

Well, why not? I liked this particular piece made of brass. I may buy this next month. Hey, I have to maintain my style of living-right?

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