Saturday, March 29, 2008

Block the fat

The film on the Star Movies channel was absolutely engrossing. Watching the movie, I was able to forget my nagging headache. The screenplay was too good and fast..

The background music was just perfect and added to the tempo.

I read a line on the back of a T-shirt of a woman that made everybody in my home burst with laughter. The word was ‘LipoSeduction’ and I am sure you can guess how I read it.

Immediately after the movie got over, I rushed to my desktop, logged on to the net and keyed in ‘LipoSeduction’ in the Google search box. From the search results, I found out that LipoSeduction 2250 is the perfect addition to users of Orovo who love the occasional "cheat meal".

Ah! A cheat meal? How aptly named!

LipoSeduction 2250 is said to contain a fat blocker, carbohydrate blocker, and an appetite suppressant. It’s designed to be taken before "cheat meals" so you don't absorb all the calories and don’t feel guilty about cheating your health plan.

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