Thursday, March 06, 2008

Bloggers on environment wanted.

Say your thanks later but read this post fully if you blog on environment related issues such as green news, alternative energy, alternative fuels and green transportation.

I pay a regular visit to Blogger Jobs and when I visited it today, I saw a post titled,"Bloggers Wanted for 3 Websites.

The advertiser requires bloggers on the above topics and on gadgets too. You may be asked to post 3 to 5 blogs per week and the pay rate is $5CND per post.

The post should contain 300-350 words. I found myself left out of it because of the topics of interest.

Well, you can apply for it and also may spread the word around to help a fellow blogger.

Environmental Website (Established Site)
o Focusing on the environment, alternative energy and other green news
* Green Car News (New Site)
o Focusing on news around green transportation, alternative fuels etc.
* Gadget Website (New Site)
o Discuss new cool gadgets that can be helpful in daily lives, both at home and on the road
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