Thursday, March 06, 2008

Need a memory store?

I trust people immediately. I don’t develop doubts at all even when I am shopping. And I mean shopping really costly items like air conditioner and two-wheeler.

I think the trust ensures that I end up buying a product that lasts long, trouble free. It has been three years since I bought a laptop. I am using it only on emergency.

That emergency came three days ago when my desktop was infected and I had to call a technician to reinstall the OS.

Meanwhile, I started using my laptop. The work proceeded slowly because my laptop memory was insufficient to my present line of work. More over, my son has stuffed the laptop with a lot of software.

Ok, how do I find out what is the required up gradation for my laptop? came to my rescue. All I had to was answer a few questions on their site and I was presented with several choices.

For your requirements please call 877-ADD-RAM9 toll free.

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