Sunday, March 30, 2008

Building a new blog.

I keyed in "News Blog" in the Google's blog search engine and I got an astonishing 2,262,078 blogs are in that niche.

I asked a question to myself:"A little over two million blogs are being operated on news alone, for what purpose"? I firmly believe 'money' is the sole reason. And why not? If there is money to be made in news oriented blogs, why not build at least one and try it out.

I am yet to try building a news based blog because I should learn it first. And what better source than Dosh Dosh's blog that can teach us?

Here is a splendid blog post on "How to build a successful new blog" by Dosh Dosh.
I am going to read the article slowly as there is so much information. I am sure I will build a news blog in the next 72 hours.
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