Thursday, March 06, 2008

Do you know the 9 rules?

Knowing the 9 rules is easy but you need follow these 9 rules as long as you don't join it. mrgreen

After reading a few of my blog posts, one veteran internet marketer from U.K. emailed me and complimented on my blogging knowledge. I considered it as a very good compliment coming from an Englishman.

He recommended that I visit and start reading the articles there since he found them as excellent.

Si, I obediently visited and browsed a few articles on writing and women. I can't say that I am very much impressed since the style of writing did not make me linger to fully read one article. It must be that I have other blogging assignments that are on the back of my mind.

Well, is said to contain well written articles on a great array of topics. Visit the site if you have time or inclination to read contributions from others.
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