Thursday, March 06, 2008

Video wall in a restaurant.

“That is why I shop online you see! I hate this crowd and noise”, I told my mother-in-law. She convinced me to go along with her to the nearby mall. The moment we entered the mall I regretted that I had agreed to come.

It was crowded and noisy. Though I had frequented the mall several times in the past and knew my way around, I sensed some changes in there. I could not immediately pinpoint what it was but definitely some change was there.

Am I getting old? “No Mala, you will never get old”, I assured myself. As soon as I did that, I recognized the change. It was the digital signage just around the corner that hid the corridor lined with shops selling furnishings. The digital signage was strategically placed and displayed clearly the way to shops that sold furnishings.

I just glanced around me and saw those ubiquitous digital boards that are meant to navigate the shoppers. Very creative idea it was! I mentally made a note to buy one such digital signage for my academic center.

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