Saturday, March 08, 2008

Exquisite designer jewelry online.

There is a new supermarket in our area. It belongs to the chain of supermarket established by the number one retail merchant in the country. Since it is so nearby, I took a stroll the other day and reached it in 5 minutes.

The store advertised that one can buy farm fresh vegetables and fruits but it also started adding number kitchen utilities too in their shelves. Just I was heading in that direction, I was stopped by a former colleague of mine. After the initial pleasantries, she informed that she is now a full time jewelry designer and but she is not attached to any one designer jewelry manufacturer. She is a freelancer.

I was impressed that pushed away my initial misgivings about her abilities. She was a drawing teacher when we worked in the same school and I thought she is not very good at work. Obviously, she must have enhanced her skill.

She produced a nice photograph that showed sample of her work. Isn’t that lovely?

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