Friday, March 07, 2008

Promote Your Blog to 800K Monthly Visitors.

I didn't realize till now, Rate It All has so much to offer. I just emailed a friend of mine about the usefulness of rate it all but even at that time, I have not fully explored the utility of the site.

They offer widget. For sample, please look at this blog's left side bar just below 'About me'.
This widget helps promote your blog to RateItAll's 800K monthly visitors.

The feedback can be very valuable provided you have tolerance of criticism. Don't you think bad review (negative feedback) also helps in many ways?

How it works:
"Adding the feedback badge automatically adds your blog to the Rate It All blog directory. In addition, ratings posted from your blog simultaneously post on exposing your blog to more people. "

BTW, I have also created list of paid to blog sites in Rate it All.

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