Saturday, March 08, 2008

Wireless Router for just $34.99

Oh those viruses! They are real killers in my opinion. What kind of sadists the developers of viruses are.

My smooth sailing boat was rocked by a virus four days ago. It did not allow me to browse at all. In fact I saw it using abusive language. My antivirus software ditched me defenseless.

Though I have a laptop to use in such situations, I don’t know to how to connect it to the broadband modem because of different IP. I had to call my PC engineer to clean up my desktop. He had to re-install the O/S.

He then advised me to go in for a wireless router. Once installed, I can simultaneously use both my desktop and laptop. I thought it is a costly affair but I was advised to visit where a wireless router is available for just $34.99 after a discount of $10 if I use my Google Checkout account.

That is just a throwaway price really-isn’t it?

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