Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Supern network of Blogs on Products.

This blogging network is unearthed by me a few minutes ago only. I don't know how it escaped my attention so far.

Blogpire Productions is a collection of blogs that concentrate on various products like gadgets, food, coffee etc.

I am a coffee lover. The first product in this network I saw was on coffee. I think that brought me to this network of blogs.

Here is the blog-Single Serve Coffee-a blog dedicated to single serve and one cup coffee machines, coffee, and accessories. This is one of the finest blogs I have ever seen. It is amazing to know that this niche blog on coffee alone has been in existence since 2004. Imagine the content of the blog and the the sheer passion of the blogger!

A sample of categories for you:
Bunn My Cafe
Caffeine and Coffee
Classic Coffee Makers
Coffee Concentrates & Extracts
Coffee Cups & Travel Mugs
Coffee Gadgets & Accessories
Coffee Pod Reviews
Coffee Pods
Coffee Tables
Coffee Visits
Espresso Pods

Have you ever heard of iPod Coffee Mug? The picture is given below.

The only thing that I noticed was the structure of the permalink which is not search engine friendly.

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