Tuesday, March 11, 2008

An unsed mug coverted as a multi holder.

If you are a male, ask your spouse where she has hidden all those mugs you and your spouse have received as gifts. Most probably they can be found in a sack and stashed away in the basement or attic.

If you are a female, you know where are those mugs!

Now look at this picture below. See how an unused mug is converted into a multiple items holder. Isn't it a resourceful idea?

Now go and fetch those unused mugs and select the one that you don't like it all. Buy this Mug Boss and wrap it around the mug. Now it is ready to be used and abused.(borrowed humor;smile)

It has twelve durable pockets which can hold almost anything (pens, screwdrivers, laser pointers, paper clips, Bawls Mints, ad infinitum). Larger items can go directly into the mug itself.

To top it off, a hook and loop closure holds the whole thing secure through the mug handle.

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