Saturday, April 05, 2008

Blog Runner.

Blog Runner is a news aggregator from The New York Times. This news aggregator watches news articles and blog posts and tracks news stories as they develop across the Web.

Unlike Blog Lines, Blog Runner not only concentrates on blog posts but pulls up articles on Law, Economy, Religion, Media and Iraq too.

I spent roughly 10 minutes browsing. Nothing interested me. I found more political news, about Obama and Tibet violence.

Just as I was about to quit a new feed caught my eye. It is about a man who was on his way to India from Bristol but quit in between. Telegraph reported that Mark Boyle, 28, who began his trip with only t-shirt, sandals and a bandage four weeks ago, hoped that strangers along the way would provide him with food and places to stay.

Just because he could speak French when he reached Calais, he turned back home.
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