Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Earn with LinkXL.

LinkXL-I suppose the XL stands for extra large (income)?(smile)

Surely Technorati is churning out great blog posts in its feeds. No wonder it has millions of blogs in its database.

The feed title was 'Adsense Alternatives' and that prompted me to open the link. Not that the title is new to me but I expect to find something new in it always. I am not disappointed.

I found out about LinkXL, which can be considered as an alternative to Google AdSense, is a contextual advertising program. LinkXL is automated and allows advertisers the ability to place text links anytime.

So what special?
LinkXL's specialities are a few but worth looking at it. If you are open minded, you will read further. The offer them is convert hitherto unlinked words to hyperlinks and you are paid for that.

Do you understand? Create natural links in content so they will nor look like sponsored links. Also, by this way, you can monetize every page- not just sidebars or footers. That throws up great earning potential.
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