Friday, May 02, 2008

Want to earn by blogging?

Three days before, I found another paid to blog opportunity accidentally. I think I read a banner on a blog that I don't remember.

Bloggers Review is a new kid on the field of hiring bloggers and matching their services with the advertisers who are looking for exposure of their website through blogs.

I registered, submitted one of my blogs and they approved it in a day.

Yesterday I logged in and was shocked to find that my login details are wrong. The next page after that also showed another facility to key in the login info. I obliged and it also accepted me in.
A bug that is not yet detected.

I see there are two opportunities but for both of them, it says my blog is not eligible.Hmmm..., ok, let me take it in my stride.

In the members area, there is a tab 'My Blogs' which when clicked won't show my approved blogs. I again had to click on 'Edit blog' to see my approved blog. A clear confusion in the navigation.

They have a page dedicated to tips on avoiding a drop in page rank. I am sorry I found nothing useful there.
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