Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A blog reviewed.

I searched for a blog that deals with webmasters' tools, bloggers alike, with daily blogging tips, including Wordpress and some money making online too.

Well, I was bombarded with search results and I know I may have to spend days browsing through the list. I am sure this very blog of mine must be busried somewhere along the huge list.

So, I selected a random blog based on an odd name. I selected a blog named YeePage, a WP based blog. I was attracted (?) at once by the clutter of the familiar 125x125 size button ads on the right side.

I clicked on the 'money making' tab and didn't have patience for the page to load. Finally, it was live and what I found were just a few survey sites that nobody touches these days.

I clicked on, 'Sphinn' and I am sorry, the page loads too slow for me.
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