Friday, June 06, 2008

How to recover deleted blogs.

This post contains very valuable information and the full credit goes to Beta Blogger for Dummies who always comes up with great tutorials that are to treasured for ever and also to be shared through your blogs or email.

How to recover your blogs which are deleted for various reasons:

Reasons for blogs getting deleted:

1. Accidental clicking of "Delete This Blog" button at the bottom of Settings--->Basic subtab. ( Login at>Click Settings link on Dashboard).

2. If you have contravened the Blogger TOS your blog may get deleted by them.

You must click on the link to read the full details.

To recover a deleted blog along with posts and comments you should provide information about your deleted blog by filling up the form here :

Blogger needs to identify your ownership of the blog before restoring it to you. You cannot request a URL deleted by someone else.

Again I request you to click on the only link you find in this post to read the article fully. And say your thanks to him.
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