Sunday, June 15, 2008

What you can do in Social Authority?

Social Authority is silently moving up the scale that measures the popularity and usefulness of social marketing.

Every social community site including the giant (is it still a giant?) announce them to be a place for sharing photos, videos and what not. But the moment a social media site comes online, a few thousand bloggers and webmasters become members and the statistics is proudly displayed in their sites.

Because, every one wants visitors and social community sites are considered the most effective medium to get your blogs/websites across thousands from many nations. It is highly convenient media to market self with no money to advertise.

I have recently joined Social Authority, which can also be used to promote yourself and this is how it is done:

You clicked on the link and saw my profile page in social authority.

You have seen the images of my friends which are hyperlinked to their profiles. You can add them as your friend, add their friends to your list of friends and so on. Your contact grows to literally thousands in a matter of days.

You can send messages to your friends all at once or individually. Well, you can add links to your online presence in your message. Here is my special friend’s profile-Chris Lang.

You can invite more friends if you know their email ids. They become members and they invite their friends. Well, isn’t that how Orkut or MySpace has grown?

Then, there are groups you can join and what you see on my page is the names of the groups that I have joined, the number of members in each group. Groups are the best place to ask questions and answer others’ questions showing your knowledge.

You can start a discussion (your profile is linked through your image) on anything that is related to the topic of the group; include links to your websites and blogs. You can reply to discussions and follow them too through daily email digest.

In my profile page, the next thing you see on the left sidebar, the titles of the discussion that I have started and all are hyperlinked to the actual thread. Viewers of your profile are impressed by your frequency of activity and the number of replies you get.

Next shows my blog’s last five posts that is displayed here via its feed. You can configure it show the titles only, change the feed URL daily if you have more blogs/websites.

The center part of my page displays all my recent activities like who I have added as my friend, who has made a comment on my profile, what blog post I have made (yes, you can write a blog post or copy yours made elsewhere). As the displays increase, you can remove some of them.

Even this page is given a RSS URL by social authority. Isn’t that very thoughtful?

Then, my profile is displayed as I have edited/configured as follows:

Social Status: Intermediate Social Marketer

About Me: I am a Maths lecturer in India. I blog for fun and money. My life slogan: Pass it on; Share.



So, you are again an opportunity to show your links.

After this part, you can your choice of photos and videos. Mine is blank because I have nothing of my own creativity.

The last part displays my blog posts’ synopsis with a link to full read.

At the top men, you can see the members of Social Authority, find out various forums and groups. You can customize your page’s appearance, edit your preferences etc.

Have I left out anything?

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