Monday, July 14, 2008

A blog reviewed.

This seems to be a little dull period in the blogosphere. Some of the blogs that I visit regularly offer nothing interesting to me.

I thought I will visit a few blog directories and try to latch onto something useful for my blog readers. But it seemed my selection of blog directories was awesome because I took nearly 12 minutes to land on a blog topic of my interest. The navigation is ill devised.

I finally settled on where it has published all the blogs that are registered with them as potential blog advertisers.

I browsed through their list of blogs and randomly selected a blog based on the domain which was "I need Discipline" and the summary explained that it is a blog about earning an income online through advertising networks, affiliate marketing, get-paid-to programs and linking.

I was put off at the home page.

But there is a very useful blog post about 19 blog advertising networks under make money tab.
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