Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Get your blog post seen by 60,000 visitors.

The site you must head to utilize the advertising opportunity is called Dubbagol,
a name that is based on some private reason. helps desi bloggers get exposure and TONS of traffic to their blog completely free of cost, and with very little effort.

Your story will appear alongside stories from Rediff, DNA India, Times of India, The Hindu, Mumba Mirror, ZoomTV etc.

I believe it is a public bookmarking site that is surfacing in dozens every week. In the last two days itself, I have unearthed three more and two of them are from India. I will write about them in my next blog article.

For now, visit Dubbagol, basically a central point of user submitted blog posts and stories coming from India. Bloggers, like yourself come to the site and submit direct story links to their blogs. Then, readers on Dubbagol simply vote up your story submissions if they like it - with one single click.

”As your story rises up to the front page - you will start to see amazing amounts of traffic coming to your website directly from dubbagol”.
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