Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Darren Rowse answers my question.

Darren Rowse not only answers my question but also answers hundreds of bloggers like me who feel like digging out some of their old blog posts to write/review again.

There are two reasons for this:
* Suddenly find yourself of want of blog content
* There is really a need to review your old posts because of a change of your opinion or to just remind your blog readers about the usefulness of the blog post.

In my experience, I very rarely face the problem of want of blogging ideas but yes, I must admit that I have come across at least once before. And at such times, I rewrite a old post of mine.

Here is what he says in the
"My own approach is that I definitely do go over old ground on my blogs.

The way I justify this (if it needs to be justified) is:

1. As my blogs attract a lot of new readers I feel that repeating some of the basics is actually doing a service to those new readers.

2. I am constantly learning more about the topics that I blog about and as a result my own ideas and knowledge is growing. While I cover the same ground as I have previously I do try to add extra value and updates on what I’ve been learning for longer term readers. In a sense I see repeating topics as a way of updating my blog."


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