Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Hot selling baby shower cake.

Sujatha is my school mate. I can’t say we were close then but now, after a long time I met her last year, we are attached to each other like belt and buckle.

She owns her rather big shop selling unique baby gifts. Yes, I visited her shop several times in the past year and bought quite a lot of gifts for a few babies and for more adults. Yes, that shop has recently added a section for grown ups too.

I always buy useful items for babies like huggies (they are never enough, right?), bed materials, toiletries, pacifiers etc. I used to be very careful in not selecting anything plastic.

For those, who can’t visit Sujatha’s gifts land, I recommend, the online shop that has a vast range of products exclusively for babies. Their baby shower cake is a hot selling product.

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