Friday, August 08, 2008

New blog directory.

Blog Adda is still very young. Oh, I calculated it's age by the density of the tag cloud at its home page pointing to the blogs in its database.

I already submitted three of my blogs including my latest blog-Oceans of Resources. I sent a rather sarcastic feedback to the webmaster of Blog Adda that was very kindly responded to. I felt ashamed.

They asked my date of birth while registering; then their system showed that it is poor in calculating the number of words in a tag. (They have this peculiar condition: the tag should not have more than three words.) Ok, it is their prerogative but their website is rejecting tags with 3 words. I think it is adding the comma (,) after the three worded tag and hence the confusion.

Well, their approval time is pretty fast.

The blog directory being young, will be advantageous for us to submit our blogs. Get in now!

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