Friday, September 26, 2008

Exapnd your blog readership!

Now, who is excited seeing the subject line? I am and I don't mind clicking on it even if the subject line seems familiar. I would not miss an opportunity to find ways to expand my blog readership.

I found out a blog promotion avenue and it is called Adoptic. It is still in beta but I signed up a month back I think.

How Adoptic will help bloggers?

Adoptic is a blog promotion platform that helps bloggers easily expand their readership by cross-promoting their posts. Adoptic helps bloggers create a Snippet of their blog posts, and then broadcasts the Snippets across the relevant Adoptic communities in a simple and easy way...

Actually I adopt this technique already by cross posting an excerpt of my few blog posts in other AdSense revenue hsaring websites directing the readers to the original blog post. Adoptic goes a step further and shows other bloggers' snippets on your blog. I think it looks like Blog Rush.

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