Thursday, September 25, 2008

The gift of the rain.

Whenever the rain starts in late September, I remember a friend of my husband who arrives promptly with the rain to give huge a gift basket. The gift is not in association with any personal occasion or festival. He is just too happy to share the joy of rain with my husband. Both will freak out when the first rain comes.

And then he, the gift giver returns two days later and take the empty gift basket away. He never confided in us the reason for his action. What a peculiar character! I suppose he has this hobby of collecting empty gift baskets.

The rain started yesterday evening and my husband’s friend arrived at 10.00 PM and gave a wonderful gift basket which you see in this blog. This gift basket called Whit Jasmine Spa contained in it an assortment of goods that include Woods of Windsor White Jasmine Toilette Water, Body Moisturizer, Fine English Soap, Coconut-filled Chocolates, Cabernet Wine Cheese Spread and Monet Original Flavor Crackers -- all presented in a sassy black and white polka dot hatbox.

If you too want to give this to someone special, please visit It costs $60.00

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