Friday, September 12, 2008

Medical software for doctors and patients.

My son was complaining tightness in chest. I thought he did not express his discomfort properly. He is too young to have any abnormalities in his chest. After much questioning, he told me that he is not burping after taking food.

Ah, yes, the symptoms that my husband had a couple of years ago. It is something to do with a block in the passage of lungs that also makes breathing a bit difficult. I took him to a doctor and he led my son properly with more apt questions.

He finally prescribed a full dose of albuterol to him. This was a different one from the one he gave to my husband. When apologetically questioned, he informed me that his prescription is the right one as he referred to the Epocrates Online medical software that is constantly updated with various diseases and new medicines.

This revolutionary medical software is currently being used by 500,000 healthcare professionals. The free Epocrates Online product provides clinicians with instant access to new disease database – condition overview and risk factors, treatment approach, tests to order, national medical society guidelines, and more.

This announcement was paid for by Epocrates.

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