Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New opportunity to earn from your blogs.

One of my blog post Where can you buy unlocked cell phones?" has received a rather lengthy comment in which, there was no indication of having read my blog post. But the commentator
used the opportunity to introduce his/her website Contentxn publisher network. Yes, it is a 'earn money from your blogs' opportunity.

Contentxn is an open platform for writers who actively maintain websites or blogs or just have a mailing list of friends or subscribers, to inform and talk about their favorite products, services, websites or companies, and yes get paid for it. You can call it a blog monetization method.

I looked at their website, but could not exactly make out how a blogger can gain from it. However I signed up for free but I am yet to take active interest due to prior commitments.
Contentxn is still in beta and I think you require an invitation from them to sign up.

If you get to know about Contentxn more, I request you to either email me (email in my profile) or leave a feedback here.

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