Monday, October 20, 2008

10 powerful ways for blog traffic.

I am sure you might have read a blog post with the same title as here at least a dozen times and like most bloggers never bothered to read it again and try to implement one of the ways in your blog.

Well, never mind. The effort from serious bloggers goes on and similarly the 'no effort' from serious bloggers also goes on.

I happen to see the title mentioned here in the Blog Rush's widget in this blog, clicked on it, read only up to the third point and started writing this blog post.

Here is the third point:

"Sell Things via Your Blog

Although some blog readers are just there to read the words and that’s all, many others are interested in making purchases along the way. With that said, you want to provide them with the opportunity to buy something while reading your blog, whether it be your own items or ones provided by outside companies through affiliate programs and pay per click programs."

What do say about this? I think it is worthwhile to implement it. Say, why not join Amazon affiliate program and include a link to any of the blogging world products?

Well, I did so and below is a product that many will be interested.

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