Saturday, October 25, 2008

How to get lower Alexa rank?

Alex rank should be as low as possible. The lower the Alexa rank, it means you are ranked as a high traffic one by Alexa.

Another advantage of Alexa ranking is you don't get penalised as Google does to its page rank. Alexa ranking moves up and down almost daily based on the traffic of your blog.

The general desire for all bloggers is to first get the blog ranked under 100,000. This itself is a great achievement and a good positive indicator. Your blog will be favourably looked upon by link buyers, banner advertisers if your blog is under 100,000 Alexa rank.

There are several ways to improve your Alexa ranking, the important being the number of visitors you get daily.
My favorite blogger Etienne Teo has written a blog post on 15 ways to Alexa rank....
Read his post and follow if interested the steps he has given.
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