Wednesday, October 15, 2008

If you want to make money...

If you want to make money from your blog.... Ok, let me cut it short. Why there should be an 'if'? I want to make money from my blogs and so do millions of bloggers.

I have been underestimating my blog posts for long and I recently was made to realize that I am not a bad blogger and in fact my blog content is really good and useful. Then what is the missing aspect; why my blog is not fetching me money?

A nail was driven hard on my head. My blog requires search engine optimization and it requires a professional approach. SEO-the term feared by many non-techie bloggers like I.

So I searched the web to gain firsthand insight about the basics of SEO for beginner bloggers. I happen to read an in depth article in that contained an interview with SEO expert Gab Goldenberg.

Would like to have a glance?

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