Sunday, October 12, 2008

Make money with Netklix Ads.

Ever heard of it-the Netklix ads? It offers a way to monetize your blog/website. Hmmm... I think it may be new to many bloggers.

I know about it for sometime now but I think it kept escaping my attention to blog about it. Well, not it is 7.30 PM on Sunday, a rather lonely time. As ever, lonely times are most productive for me. Here I am, writing about one more 'blogging for money' opportunity.

So, how it works?

Netklix Text Ads pay you whenever an Ad is clicked. looks like a PPC programs.

  • You control how the Ads will look on your web-site or blog by selecting colors.
  • Get up and running in minutes. It's easy to create a Netklix AdSpace.
As usual, you must decide the ad space for them and I know this is becoming difficult for bloggers. Most of us have already rented the available space.

Hey, now it is your problem to find premium ad space in your blog. Go and do some jigsaw movements and you may find some space.
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