Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Figs with a honey sweet flavor.

I have never tasted blue berries and raspberries. They are not available in India. So I requested my mother-in-law to bring some of them when she returns from the U.S.

She told me that those fruits won’t survive 18 hours of flight. She then offered to bring some figs from her daughter’s garden where there are two big Nero Caesar Fig trees. I accepted her offer as that variety of fig is new to me.

I grew up among a handful of fig trees when I was a child. The aroma of them still lingers in my memory. Actually, In India, fig is widely consumed as fresh fruit as well as dry and soaked in a bottle of honey. Pregnant women are given a generous dose of honey soaked figs.

I am now looking forward to taste the Nero Caesar Figs even though I am past the pregnancy age. (Smile)

Trivia: There are about 800 species of figs.
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