Wednesday, November 26, 2008

How the Moroccan furniture is known?

Do you know how the Moroccan furniture is known to the world? It is because, the Moroccan tiles and the sheer décor they added to any interior. The brilliant patterns made with pleasing and at the same time innovative color combination has been the choice of kings to households of yesteryears.

Even my husband’s ancestral home had Moroccan Alhambra tiles in the prayer room. I wonder how the Moroccan culture had penetrated deep into South India!

Alhambra Tiles
Source: Google Images

Seen those tiles in many places? I know! But you didn't know they are Moroccan Alhambra tiles! I have seen this in those huge mansions in Lucknow.

Why Moroccan furniture is so captivating?

I think it is because their culture itself is a fine mixture of French, Spanish and African. I have seen this (see below) multi-purpose wooden table in many houses. Actually no one knows that it is Moroccan furniture. These kinds of tables and settees are frequently sold in exclusive furniture exhibitions.

Moroccan furniture
Soure: Google images
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