Wednesday, November 26, 2008

How to brand your blog?

I realize I have committed a grave mistake of not closely following Darren Rowse's articles. Today, I happened to glance at the headlines of his blog feed. I ended up spending nearly 90 minutes reading them and many of his earlier blog posts.

No wonder he is very popular and respected in the blogosphere.

Apart from gathering information about various essential tools for bloggers, I read an interesting article about the importance of branding your blog and not you as an author.

This means you concentrate on building up the blog readership based on the content of the article and exclusively the domain of your blog. He has cited the examples of two great bloggers whom I also admire.

They are Pete Cashmore and Peter Rojas.

They are the authors of and respectively.

This is what he says about them:

"Should they have started their blogs on and, publishing the same content, I doubt that they would have had the same success."- Daniel Scocco in his guest post in

Muse on this please!
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