Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The disadvantages of being slim.

Don’t imagine that there are only advantages of being slim! There are areas where a fat person is able to claim certain privileges over me just because I am slim.

Three days before, I was traveling in a train. I was asleep soundly (of course without snoring) in a lower berth when I was impolitely shaken up by a woman and demanded that I take the upper berth because she could not climb up.

One glance at her convinced me that she cannot. Moreover, I did not relish sleeping under her. So I gave her room (?) and reluctantly took the upper berth after giving her a glare that won’t fade away from her memory.

Why don’t such women (I am not bothered about men) take alli diet pills, the FDA approved diet pill at present? Even eBay seems to be a place to buy alli diet pills, so she dare not give any excuses for not able to purchase at the local pharmacy.

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