Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Infolinks pays you to blog.

Info Links is an internet advertising company that offers in-text links advertising. Blog publishers can sign up for free and insert a java script in the body of their Blog's HTML .

Ads relevant to the keywords in yours blog will appear when the mouse hovers over the keyword that has two lines underneath it. When the ad is clicked, you are paid. When the mouse is moved away from the hyperlink, the ad disappears.

Bloggers are getting a lot of opportunities to earn from blogs. Every now and then, some innovative blog advertising appears on the scene and bloggers are presented with one more opportunity to get paid by blogging.

Features of Info Links:

. You can run it along with Google AdSense.
• Quick and easy setup with no changes to your website
• Ads are tightly integrated with your content - no additional space required

Yes, you got it right; it is similar to Kontera.

I have experienced some good customer support from Info Links. Sign up now with Info Links.

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