Monday, November 24, 2008

How to increase marketing conversion rate?

Every blogger is striving hard to promote his blog to get more and more visitors daily. I am tapping several blog marketing resources like actively participating in bloggers forum and blogging communities.

I also do social bookmarkings and outsource blog directory submissions. But I don’t get the desired results due to low conversion rate. When I hired a SEO specialist for just one hour, he reported that my advertising efforts are not enough to get a better response conversion rate.

In order to get a higher conversion rate optimization, the SEO person suggested a series of steps o be taken immediately else I will lose even the current blog traffic though I blog about useful matter to Bloggers.

I realized what I should do to achieve a higher conversion rate of up to 100% if not 900%.

Please, I urge you to visit without any delay. I am sure you will find the site very useful.

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