Monday, November 24, 2008

New way to get one way backlinks.

Have you ever thought of giving useful tutorials about various aspect of blogging as a means to get one way backlinks?

Yes, writing articles with an author's byline is definitely a method to get one way backlinks but do you really think people will look for blogging tutorials in an article directory rather than in an exclusive site for blogging tutorials?

I would first search dedicated sites for blogging for guides and tutorials for blogging.

Here is WPTUT, a shortened name for Wordpress tutorials. This is a place where beginners can learn wordpress by browsing through great tips and guides for operating a blog based on wordpress.

If you have some knowledge about wordpress to share, you can submit your tutorial and point it directly to your blog post where the tutorial can be read in full.

There is also a forum in the site but that is still new and hence no activity as of now.
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