Friday, November 21, 2008

If it is Las Vegas, it must be…

Many of you might remember the wonderful movie, “If it is Tuesday, it must be Belgium”. Similarly, if you have a dream to go to Nevada, then you must experience some of the Wild West scenes, cuisines, wine and of course a bit of wilderness that merges with the horizon.

But to enjoy the above, you must plan well in advance. There is a particular show called “Spanish Trail Lunch Ride” in Las Vegas. Of the myriad Las Vegas Shows, only those that would like to soak in a bit of Wild West would prefer to enjoy this show than spending time indoors and juggling with coins in front of the machines.

Though horse back riding is not my chunk of sports, the idea of wearing one of the western straw hats and riding through the desert is quite tempting. Oh, I could even dress like Ursula Andress!

There are more exciting shows in Las Vegas to suite myriad tastes.

Image courtesy: Google Images.

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