Sunday, December 28, 2008

eHow is hiring writers.

"How to" is one area I am yet to develop my skill. I mean writing in depth articles on "How to" or "DIY" is so for not my forte. But I am an avid reader of e-how, an extraordinary site of just great information. I would rate them next to

Even for some of my blog content ideas, I look up at

I came to know through the feeds of Blogger Jobs that eHow is hiring writers. The advantage of writing to eHow is the freedom to write on the topics we are fully well versed with.

Another big advanatge is the scope of e-How. They deal with every topic one can think of. Also, since eHow is a big web site, one can expect to lokk forward to long term work.

For more information and to start writing, visit the link below and and create an account.

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