Friday, December 26, 2008

I got paid by Widget Bucks.

Widget (video game)Image via WikipediaI was casually looking at my emails when I noticed the word, "payment" in the subject of one of my emails. A decade of experience has built in a few hunches in me which always proved to be true.

I knew I have received money in my paypal but I did not expect the payment from Widget Bucks because I only joined Widget Bucks, kept their widget in one of my blogs for two weeks and removed it. It happened almost 6 months before.

The $50+ that I received from Widget Bucks was a total surprise to me. I was sure they sent it to the wrong person. Just when I was about to write to them, I decided to check my widget bucks account.

Yes, I earned it! Several people have joined Widget Bucks clicking on my link and they have made money for me. Imagine how much they would have made if I were to receive $25+ from their earnings. Widget Bucks also kept their promise of giving me $25 as a sign up bonus.

Want to join now Widget Bucks? It is never late buddy. I am lucky to you and you, to me.

PS: The image here is nothing to with Widget Bucks. It is just a jolly good image.

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